Sadly, Dorico is not crashing (Win 7)

After installing Dorico yesterday on my main computer with 64-bit Windows 7 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2, I today spent my first four hours playing with it. It (and the audio engine) worked perfectly, did not crash even once.

Having read people’s posts, I was expecting some crashing (and would not have been disappointed, if I had encountered crashes). No avail. :wink: Needless to say, I am happy. :slight_smile:

My version of Dorico (on Win 7) has not crashed or shown any like problems. I realize people’s configurations of Windows (versions, drivers, etc.) differ, so I am not casting aspersions. Still, I have found Dorico stable, if a bit of a challenge given current documentation. So far, it is an enjoyable challenge.

so you are saying Dorico works fine with Win 7 64? That would be very good news for me since I do not want to switch to Win 10 because of some hardware/driver related issues…

Yes, even though we do not officially support Dorico on Windows 7 or 8.1, in fact there’s no reason to believe you will have any problems at all running Dorico on either of those operating systems.

Absolutely no crashes for me in Win 7 as well. I even run Cubase and Dorico at the same time (on different midi and audio interfaces), as I’m trying to rebuild the notation from my sequence into a proper score in Dorico. I’m learning a lot about the score view in Cubase as I go, cleaning up the notation visually to make the transcription process easier. Tons of tabbing between the two - I honestly expected some crashes, but none came. I should note that I’m not doing any playback in Cubase, just looking at the midi data and CC32 (For Spitfire UACC) to help figure out which articulations I used.

Dorico did not crash yet on my Win7/64 machine as well.

Sometimes the handling of the program is a bit awkward for experienced windows users and for me seems not always consistent with the general OS rules of operation, obviously it is built with iOS in mind (perhaps different with Win 10?). Your display should have a big resolution, my 22" with 1680x1050 is not truly big enough for Dorico, and because of this its design appears sometimes a bit clumsy.

The professional graphics user will have such a display, I know, yet I love the 16:10 proportions for my office work much more than 16:9, and an affordable display with 16:10 is not very common…

And to all Win 7 users: My compliments! There are new reports that Win 10 enables Microsoft to install programs on your machine you did not ask for, i.e. look for candy crush saga, which has in-app-purchases built in.