Safe an effect rack?

Hi folks,

really love Cubasis 3. I don’t know if I’m blind or if its not possible but I have a few effects which I always use. Is it possible to load them in on every audio track I have at once?

For example, I have one audio track with comp, eq, limiter, de-esser and reverb…now I go to my next audio track and I have to add them seperately again. I wish I could just add all this same effects with one click at once. Do you understand what I mean? :smiley:

In Logic its called “Channel Strip”. In Cubase on PC/Mac it is possible too (with another name which I don’t know). Thought it is possible on Cubasis 3 too but I haven’t found anything.

This would make the mixing workflow more enjoyable. Instead of always have to add every effect several times on every audio track.

Hope you guys understand my question. If not, I try to be a little bit more precise.


Hi baum2k,

While it is not possible to save an effect rack on its own, you are able to create/save project templates.

How to Create a Track Template in Cubasis 3

1 – Create a new proect and make all your desired settings
2 – Go to Media/Projects and move the project to the “Templates” folder

Now, whenever you make a double tap on the file, a new project is getting created from the template.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

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Hey Lars,

thanks for that workaround! I‘ll try it!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback baum2k!
Please enjoy using Cubasis!

Stay safe
& have a great day too… :slight_smile: