"safe mode" to prevent crash on project load with faulty plugins

Haven’t found this one yet:
I recently (as it happens once in a while) had a project that that either hung or crashed on project open. Usually this is because of some 3rd party plugin, and identifying that is a very tedious task of guesswork and removing plugins from the plugin folder. I guess pretty much everyone here has encountered such a scenario…
What I’d like for those cases is a “safe mode” when loading such a project: Before it loads a plugin, Cubase could pop open a dialogue asking “Oh my lord and master, shall I load the plugin xyz for you?”, which I have to acknowledge. Thus, when Cubase crashes, I pretty much know which plugin is the culprit and I can remove it from my folders.

Or Just a log file where every plugin which gets loaded is written on startup of the project.

Good idea!