Safe Mode

I checked this out in the KB[productfamily]=2

But it simply does not work as advertised… I cannot get it to start in Safe Mode… Anyone else had any luck with this, holding down control, alt and shift then launching Cubase 7… does not seem to work…

Here it works with the corresponding Mac key modifiers.
Mac OS 10.8.2, Cubase 7.0.1

Launch first and then hold the keys down.


Wow no more Windows Start Menu!


I had the same problem.

Try this: hold down control, alt and shift then launch Cubase (on the desktop in my case) with a right click on Cubase icon and then select “open” (or something similar, I don’t use an English version of windows).

Thanks - this worked… the KB wording is misleading… :open_mouth: :laughing:

[quote=“NorthWood MediaWorks”][/quote]And, last I looked they did not include separate instructions for Mac. :open_mouth: