Safe Start Mode & Render In Place Not Working

Hi Guys,

So, the dreaded bug riddled corrupted ‘preferences’ file has screwed up my Cubase 8.0.5. I cannot use render in place on any projects, old or new. There is very little - in fact no useful info anywhere on the forum. I am informed that his maybe because of the long standing issues known with the Preferences file becoming corrupted?

To add to the problem - I am unable to open Cubase in Safe Start mode. Holding down CTRL + Shift + ALT during startup does not work. Instead its displays a ‘Open Project’ dialog box.

Does anyone have any thoughts - better still, can a Steinberg product ‘expert’ explain this and offer a solution?



I would recommend you to trash (or better rename) the preferences folder manually.

Here (Initialising Preferences), you can find the path, of the folder.

Thanks Martin. I have looked into the folder/file path before, but was hoping that there as a much more constructive solution. Trashing the folder and starting again should not be an option, certainly not for a so-called Pro product.

Its the start in a systematic process of elimination, towards a solution. Often times it has directly helped; perhaps gone on to aid identifying a more full solution (problematical 3rd party plugin for example).

And, your original preferences folder/files remains perfectly intact should you want to revert to (parts of) it. If indeed your entire preferences have become badly corrupted, losing months of careful tweaks and customisation, maybe a System Restore may help (if you are on Windows - you don’t provide any system specs; I’ll take a guess you are though, when you say CTRL+ALT+DEL…! :wink:)…?


PS:- you can easily add system info/detail to your signature; do it once now, folk don’t have to keep asking…! Just go to the top of this page and see underneath Board Index the wording ‘User Control Panel’. Click there and down the right-hand side, see Edit Signature.

Bizzare that this underlying issue hasn’t been picked up by Steinberg. The products developers stability claims are flawed. In any case, thanks for the tips, though unclear. And the lack of info across this enormous forum is disappointingly astonishing.

Btw … Check out the signature which was always at the bottom of the post :slight_smile:

Yikes…! How did I miss that… !?! Apologies… (Oh, I got it; I was viewing posts inside the response editor window - which doesn’t show the sigs…! doh.!).

And sorry if I was ‘unclear’ earlier… but you’re only going to get this kind of generalised guidance, to start off with, to help you problem solve… that may lead to more specifics as the thread develops. perhaps. :wink:

Good luck anyway,

Martin did not only suggest you delete the folder. You can simply rename it.

Also, you can go into preferences and save your current prefs to a preset and just delete or rename the file Defaults.xml (which is what safe-start does when you tell it to)

Thanks guys…

Btw: Cubase 8 is the 1st version, where the user settings is stored in the UserSettings.xml. System settings is still stored in the Defaults.xml. So if you delete the Defaults.xml, your user settings is kept (what wasn’t the case in older Cubase versions).

Hi Martin

Is there a list, or a way to know which settings are considered “User Settings”?

This new way of saving prefs is a step in the right direction.

There is a guide somewhere on the forum.

After thinking about it, yes you may say it is a step in the right direction. I would say this is accidental though and not done with this longstanding and long overdue solution in mind. If it were then in sure it would hve been widely published by Steinberg.