Safe to delete C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5 Trial?

I recently installed C5 to run under my new C6 license (from a C4-C6 u/g), and will keep it installed after installing C6.

In addition to the main Cubase-5 installation folder, “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5”, there’s the folder named in the thread title, created when I ran the C5-trial installation program.

It looks to me like just an intermediate folder - it contains “Cubase_5_Trial_Start_Center.exe”, which I had to run to install C5. And, although it contains the sample files of HalionOne and a folder called “VST Sound”, with large files for LoopMash, Reverence and Groove Agent, it’s beginning to look like these might all be duplicated elsewhere (eg in “Documents and Settings”).

The folder takes up 1.92 GB of the adequate but not big C-drive (partition): so if it’s not needed, I’ll delete.

I suppose, if I deleted it, I could just re-create it by running the C5-trial installer again. Alternatively, I could copy it to a DVD before deleting it.

But can anyone tell me whether C5 could be compromised in any way if I simply deleted this folder?

As far as I know, the different versions of Cubase don’t share files and it should be safe to uninstall your trial version. Typically, one would go to the control panel and uninstall it from the uninstall program. That should get rid of all the pertinent files.

Thanks for the reply, Suprawill1, but it seems I ought to have made it clear that my use of the C5-trial installer was just a way to get C5 on the PC because I didn’t have an installation disk. When a full license is present, the trial version acts like the full version (or almost so?).

I’m not going to uninstall C5, but there’s the folder named in the thread title, created when I ran the C5-trial installation program, that I hope I can delete to recover 1.92 GB of disc space on drive C. As I said, it looks to me like just an intermediate folder that was needed only while C5 was being installed.

However, I’m hoping someone will be able to tell me whether or not that folder could still be needed, even now that C5 has been installed and updated to C5.5.3.

Maybe you could just move the folder to a different location and see if 5 still opens and functions normally?

If so, probably safe to delete it.

Yes, I’ll probably do that. I was just hoping someone could say they knew it was definitely safe to delete the folder.