Safe to Download Cubase 6.5 Trial

I am an owner of Cubase 6.0.6, and I’m interested in trying the trial of Cubase 6.5, but I fear that installing it can interfere with my original installation and license key.

What is the situation? I’m looking forward to responses, thank you very much!

Nothing serious can happen to your permanent license. Worst case scenario, the trial license stays on your dongle as clutter not hurting anything. Clutter will be your worst enemy; so if you’re going to buy it, I would go ahead and do so rather than trialing it first. Trials can be inconvenient, but won’t seriously damage your setup. (Once you finish the trial, I might consider doing a system restore or uninstallation if available.)

I’d be careful with this, since 6.5 (the non-trial version) overwrites the previous 6.0.X installation, and they normally don’t co-exist. So what a 6.5 trial will do would be a bit uncertain I think. A system restore point is the least you should do in my view. The license shouldn’t be a problem I think.


The 6.5 trial version is a full installer, so it will be installed in a seperate folder.



Hi -

I’d like to download the 6.5 Trial now, but won’t be able to start using it for 2-3 weeks. When will the clock start on my 30-day trial period - when I download now, or when I start using it in 2-3 weeks?

Thanks -

@ Alexis

Whenever you type in the activation code they give you, the time will start. You could download it, then type in the code in 2-3 weeks. :slight_smile:

I installed the 6.5 trial and my 6.05 was overwritten :imp:

(Mac OSX 10.7.3)

OMG, Muzel, that is horrible. Were you able to get back to where you once belonged?

Anyone else - has that happened to you as well - the 6.5 trial overwrites the 6.0.5?

Trying to get some reassurance that if I download the trial 6.5 my 6.0.5 won’t be affected … but I can’t quite get that from these two threads.

Chris writes … “in a separate folder”; Muzel writes “my 6.0.5 was overwritten”. Are these two statements compatible or mutually exclusive?

I’m confused too.

Could it be that you’re given a (perhaps not very prominent) choice of which folder to install into?

I don`t find any choose for the installation directory. You can only install on the HD where the 6.05 is. All others are marked with “!”. There is no way to choose a different folder for the installation itself, only for the content and the samples.

If Chris writes that 6.5 will install in a separate folder the only thing I can imagine is that there is a difference between the german an the english version of 6.5 …

:imp: Thanks Chris, did it trusting this and it overwrites 6.06!!
So incredible, I just don’t get it.

Never had this problem with the trial Cubase 6, so I reckoned I could rely on your statement.

And you did that even after you read Muzel´s post…?

Chris didn’t respond anymore so I guessed this was his final statement.
And I also remembered doing the C 6 trial which indeed gave a new folder so…I trusted C 6.5 would do the same thing, like Chris told, and why would it be any different?

Simply told, I relied on the specialist, better trusted my gut feeling. :cry:

A final statement must not be a correct statement, especially when someone else already proved it wrong…

You did the C6 trial when running a different version than C6, I guess.

Yes, from C 5.5, that’s why I was at first hesitating to do this trial so I waited if Chris would comment any further about a possible problem overwriting 6.06, which he didn’t.

I wonder if renaming the Cubase 6 folder before downloading the 6.5.x Trial would avoid all problems completely?


-MAC - I want to restore C6.06 from Time Machine. Never did something like that so;

Can I restore the Cubase application from time machine to undo the 6.5 update?
Will just restoring the application be enough or should other files and folders be restored as well?

Help appreciated.

Bumping for the above question - thanks.