Safe to Edit Track Archive XML Files Manually?

Is it safe to manually edit Track Archive XML files?

I have a couple hundred Track Archives I’d like to update - for example, to set the ‘Link Panners’ flag, having recently discovered this feature and wishing I’d enabled it in Preferences years ago. Peering at the XML file, the relevant line looks like this:

<int name="LinkedPanner" value="0"/>

I’ve tested it - manually setting the value to “1” works. However, I’m worried this might have unforseen consequences, since Nuendo updates all sorts of other XML parameter values whenever Track Archives are saved. In fact, if you open a Track Archive in Nuendo and immediately re-save it (technically, re-export), without modifying anything, several “ID” values are inconsistent between the Before and After XML files. Without knowing why, it’s a bit troubling.

Any advice is appreciated.