Safe to uninstall Dorico 2.0 after Dorico 3.0?


Can I safely uninstall Dorico 2.0 after installing Dorico 3.0?


I’ve made a point of not doing so, because if a publisher gets in touch in six months, asking me to do minor revisions to an old project, I can’t take the risk that it won’t open in Dorico 3 looking identical to the way it looks in Dorico 2. This comes down to the kind of work you do in Dorico, though, and it may well be that Dorico 2 is a waste of valuable space once you’ve installed Dorico 3.

Don’t delete Dorico 2 yet! I had some issues with file import into v3 which required me to tweak the files in v2 for proper importing, so I was glad that I still had (and have) Dorico 2 installed.

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