Safe to uninstall previous versions???

Hi - I am using a MAC OSX 10.13.6. I am using Cubase Pro 10.5 but have many previsu versions going right back to Cubase 5 on my system. Is it safe to uninstall these or are the upgrades built ‘on top’ of them as it were? Sorry if I’m being dim! Thanks!

I would assume mac is the same way as PC. The new versions work independently of each other so YES it is safe to uninstall the older versions.

I keep TWO versions here running. No need to trash the other versions unless you just are running out of space or want them gone. Hence why I only run the latest TWO versions of Cubase. 10.0.60 and 10.5.12 here

They do but not completely.

At times when you suspect your Cubase version may be corrupted, and the trashing of preferences might be the solution, always remove any prior Cubase versions, or move it to your desktop, or temporarily re-name them where it resides. Then start Cubase and let it re-build.

The reason is that for example C10.5 will automatically import certain elements of C10, which therefore is not always a clean install.