Safe to update Cubase before big project is completed???

I’m still using 6.0.0 !

Should I wait until I finish the big project I’m currently working on before updating to 6.0.5…?

Here’s the situation:

  1. I’ve much customized my Cubase 6.0.0 (color schemes + a lot of key commands assignments)… will I lose those customizations? I imagine I can simply make a copy of the prefs folder and paste it in its original place after the update?

  2. I have a lot of MIDI drum beats indexed in the MediaBay, which I use a lot, and I have added comments via the MediaBay tagging system to many of those files (to help me find the best ones again easily).
    Will I need to rescan all those files? (scanning process was a very very lengthy process…!), and will I loose all those comments that I’ve assiduously added since day 1…?


  1. I at least havent lost any of those, ive updated to all versions

2.Somebody else better comment on this, im not using mediabay at all

Aloha r,



Finish your "big’ project first.
I speak from experience on this.
I have lost $$ doing just that.

Always complete current work before up-date/grading.

Once the work is complete, then update to .05
and see if the project opens properly.


+1. At least if “big” means there’s pile of $$$ involved.

Or you could make a copy of the project and project folder, as well as any presets and put them on a separate drive.

To be extra certain, export all audio and midi files to a new location (independent of the project backup) individually and while the project is still open delete all parts and then save the project as a new template, which will also save any color settings currently in force.

You can then re-import the files to new parts once you have upgraded to a newer version. This will mean that a project is saved anew and will have fresh code and will not contain any bugs that may cause things such as VST’s to not load.

Just to note, once this process is complete any projects saved in the latest currently supported version (format) will be fully backwards compatible at least to a previous whole numbered version.