Safe to upgrade to Snow Leopard?

Hey everyone,
I have put off upgrading my DAW from OSX Leopard to Snow Leopard for a while now. I want to upgrade so I can use the newer features in 10.6 but mostly for networking compatibility: I need to sync files (mostly music, and sample) between my DAW and my MacBook Pro (which runs 10.6.8), and also the use of App Store.

I am concerned about breaking software, hardware, and VST compatibility. I believe most of my software and hardware have 10.6 compatible drivers. Here is my current setup:

Apple Mac Pro 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 12 GB 800 MHz DDR2-FB-DIMM (Model Identifier: MacPro3,1)
Cubase 6.0.3
t.c. electronic PowerCore X8 running Firmware / Device OS 4.3.1f031
t.c. electronic Studio Konnekt 48 and Konnekt 24D running TC Near 2.5
Access Virus TI|2 running beta
NI Battery 3
EastWest 3.0.21
Wizoo Darbuka (which is no longer supported and I’m worried about loosing)

Comments please! Is the upgrade process to Snow Leopard seamless? Should I make the jump?


Aloha S,

When it comes to your 'puter/OS and Cubase; I would say go for it.


When it comes to your 3rd party stuff. Ahhh! There’s the rub.

Why not contact the t.c/NI/ etc folks and ask them where they stand
on your possible up-grade. to Snow Leopard?

Odds are tho’ they are all busy working on getting
all their stuff ‘Lion’ ready.

I have not installed Lion yet because I too am waiting on
a couple of 3rd party updates.

Good Luck
Leopard was kool but Snow Leopard is ‘way koooool’.


Hey Curteye,
Thanks for the reply. I was waiting for one for a while…

Yeah, I think I’ll go for the upgrade. I don’t think I have to do anything special to prepare right? Just stick the Snow Leopard disk in and proceed with upgrade. Also, I shouldn’t have to reinstall anything either afterwards right?

Snow Leopard is definitely a great upgrade. I have a MacBook Pro that I use for DJing on the side.

shere khan, or anybody else on this forum. I just got the Ci1 my setup : 2011 Mac Book Air , Numark X9 Mixer , 2 TT.5 Stanton Turntables am i able to record my dj mixes ?