Saffire 56 - Firewire SIIG Expresscard Dropouts

I have a Saffire 56 connected to a SIIG Dual Port Firewire express card, with significant drop outs. It randomly “pops” dropping the firewire light and connects again with another “pop” constantly. I was running Cubase 64-bit, but uninstalled it to run Cubase 32-bit. ( both Cubase 5.5.3 ) Seems better, however the issue is there but less frequent. ( might be a coincidence )

I’ve contacted Focusrite to see what they might suggest. I have a TI-chip set express card, however I’m not using a power supply for the card itself (could that even be the issue?) I have used a Presonus Firebox with the same rig with no issues whatsoever. I keep thinking it’s way too unstable for what it is. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Exactly the same problem here. (SIIG CardBus Dual/ Saffire 56 / Win7-64)

I noticed that the card is sharing IRQ 16…but can’t see how to change that. Any clues?

PC is a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E…which has an onboard firewire that doesn’t want to work with any of my firewire interfaces, yet all my USB interfaces work fine on it - so I’m pretty sure my Cubase install and operating system are sound.

I tried changing the driver to ’ OHCI legcay’, per the Focusrite web-site, but it made no difference.

The interesting thing is that the drop-outs cause Cubase (v6.0.5) to stop playing - and I need to hit ‘play’ a few times to get it going again. It always starts again after half a dozen or so attaempts, yet never crashes Cubase. A few seconds later, drop-outs again…

Saffire works fine on my other PC (Dell XPS M-1730) with onboard firewire.

What is it sharing the IRQ with?

If the FW chipsets aren’t Texas Instrument, that’s the first place to start.