Saffire Pro 40 and control room

Please can somebody tell me how to get my saffire pro 40 to work with the control room mixer?

Which presets on saffire? DAW tracking or Zero latency tracking

Actually i can’t get the talkback to work, and yes i can connect the talkback mic in the correct input and i have assign the right output for each bus. also aux sends are on and sending.


So is the problem just the Talkback?

You have made a Studio and a Headphone channel have TE enabled and the Studio Channel set to (monitor) Mix

Also the clck track is a problem. To be able to listen the metronome in the studio mix has to be enable also in the control mix. And i dont want the metronome in the control room monitors

This is my configuration!

( you need to zoom in a bit to see the links more clear )

Fuzzy Street :laughing:

It is entirly feasible to have the click in the Studio or Head phones and not in the control room.

Or any combination if you like.

Do you actually have speakers in the Studio (not the control room) as if not you dont need any active connections on that tab.

Also have you de selected (not connected) the main outputs in the Output Tab? as you should.

And set studio to MIX and headphones to S1

Hello Mezzo!

We use Pro 40s at work and I can see from your pictures that you haven’t set up your outputs in the Focusrite MixControl. The device ports you connect in Cubase’s “VST Connections” correspond to the “Daw”-buses in MixControl, not the actual hardware outputs and right now you have Daw 1&2, your main monitor signal that is, connected to each stereo output of your interface.

To change this, you would look in the middle left section of the MC, just below the faders. Either you do a simple setup where you route each Daw output to it’s corresponding hardware output, Daw 1 to hardware output 1 and so on. Or you use the mixes and set up Mix 1 L/R to hardware output 1/2, Mix 2 L/R to HW 3/4 and so on. Then you need one stereo channel under each Mix-tab to be exclusively bound to a Daw-bus, Mix 1 gets Daw 1/2, Mix 2 gets Daw 3/4 and so on. This setup gives you a very flexible routing, allowing for monitoring of external sources along with the signal going out from Cubase.


Hello and thanks, that was my mistake, wrong routing.

The other think i cant figure out is when recording i must have the monitor button on so we can hear what come into the DAW and out . I spend time switching it on and off everytime i want to playback.

One solution i figure out is lets say if i am recording a drum set with 8 mics and i have 8 track in cubase is to dublicate those chanels with their inserts and all , put the monitor button on and recording button of and use them only for monitoring. And have the first 8 tracks with recording button on and monitor off to do the actual recordings

So after i record smth and want to playback theres no need to spend my time going off and on to themonitor button ( as far as i know theres not a shortcut on keyboard for that)
But with that solution i use double the cpu :confused:

Any other solution for that?


Preferences, monitoring/tape machine type (or whatever it’s called)

Some years ago I used the tapemachine style monitoring that Split suggested and worked in most situations but I ended up using manual monitoring eventally.
Of course you can bind a keyboard shortcut to the monitor function, I chose “T” since it’s next to “R”.
Also, if you put your drum tracks inside a folder track you just need to select it and hit the monitor shortcut/button, no need to select the individual tracks.


Also, if you put your drum tracks inside a folder track you just need to select it and hit the monitor shortcut/button, no need to select the individual tracks.

This is what i am doing now. Cheers guys