Saffire Pro 40 & Cubase 7 Output routing problem

I have recently bought a couple of outboard compressors. I have created an external effect and routed the I/O’s accordingly in VST connections. It seems none of the outputs will assign and I get no signal out of anything other than the monitor outs 1&2

I am using n64 bit windows 7 & 64 bot cubase

has anybody got this set up working ok?

just tried it with maschine in standalone mode so it’s not a cubase problem it seems but driver or hardware

update, got the outputs working, I never realised you had to set the DAW inputs to the outputs in mix control thought you could just route in Cubase.

I now can’t get the return back into cubase though, there is signal coming back into channel 8 on the saffire and input 8 is selected on VST connections but no so8und

Maybe a screenshot of what’s going on in MixControl and VST Connections will be productive if you’re still having issues.

Hi thanks for your responses, after speaking to focusrite I got it sorted. I was trying to hard pan a stereo channel and it was mixing the dry & wet signal for some reason. changed to a mono channel and it was fine