Ok lets say i got 9 Synths in a track, which should get a saidchain compressor!

I got a saidchain Kick which runs into dead end (not on the master) now i will active the saidchain und route one of the sends to the saidchain input of the compressor!

I make my adjusments! Now i copy the plugin to the next instrument and make some other adjustments, like more attack or release and less compression… (otherwise i could route this to a group and use just one compressor).

My problem is that i have to activate a send for every Compressor. Isn’t it possible to assain a saidchain on a bus like in ProTools and let the Compressor choose which bus is the saidchain?

I think I understand what you are trying to achieve; maybe some prep work is needed to set up a reliable template then plan ahead and route your channels accordingly.

No magic wand for this one…

No other way?
maybe i shift it to the Feature Requests and Suggestions Part of the Forum and ask for a bus system like Pro Tools and Logic use it!
Because the Cubase way of working with saidchains suc**…

I think you need to explain what you are trying to do again as it is not really clear. You can route everything to a bus and put a sidechain compressor on that but maybe that is not what you mean? You say the sidechain in pro-tools chooses which bus to use but how can it do that?
look at this video
here you see how to setup a saidchain in PT and if he copy his compressor on other tracks, the saidchain will work!

In Cubase you have to assaign a new saidchain for the copied compressor! and this takes time! And when you do it to several copied compressors its really nasty… Its all about being quick…

I see, so it is not that Cubase cannot do it but it is the lack of automatically doing it when you copy a compressor over i.e. automatically setting the copied compressor to get sidechain from the kick.I dont know a way of doing that in Cubase easily and I suppose that could be a time saver.