sale notifications via email?

Agreed 100%… exactly what I was going to respond (except I only have 5 Steinberg licensed products).

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Thanks for replying to my PM. We have checked your newsletter subscription and Dorico newsletter was sent two days before you subscribed to the newsletter on Jan 24.

In general, I received the confirmation that not all newsletters are sent to every subscriber to avoid spamming our customers. There is currently no option to say “bring 'em on” and for the time being, this is supposed to stay that way. Everyone should make sure that all products purchased are registered to get the newsletters for those products and don’t miss out on something.
If we want to attract existing customers to new products, we usually send newsletters to a larger amount of recipients anyway.

Hi Ed -

Thanks for your additional notes.

I’d like to add that I’ve been subscribed to Steinberg newsletters for much longer than January 24; I’ve been using Steinberg products for many years and have been on your list(s) during that time. When I reached out to support in January regarding this issue, they advised I log in and reset my subscription status, which I did in January. But I had been receiving mail for many years prior to that.

Thanks again for the insight you provided. It sounds like we will just plan to receive sporadic communications, even though individually we would like to receive all communications.

The current subscription date is all I can see unfortunately.
It’s always difficult to find the right balance and we already had complaints about too many newsletters being sent. And the system doesn’t really allow individual settings for each customers at this point.

Just a quick note - still not getting notifications on big items such as (a) the new Spectralayers release; (b) the expansions summer sale; © the Vibrant e-pianos; (d) the WaveLab offer; etc. These are all items that a Steinberg customer like myself would be very interested in, but if you’re not messaging customers like me, you’re losing sales.

I’ll check with my colleague what is wrong here. It may take a bit as he is on vacation at the moment.


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Thanks, Ed - I appreciate the continued followup. Did your colleague return from vacation?

At this time, I am still not receiving notifications; for example, for the current instruments sale.

Same for me.

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Hello Ed - still not receiving any promotional emails (ex: WaveLab 10, UR-C series).

I also still hope that this could be straightened out.

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Steinberg just doesn’t like you guys and wants you to be in the dark. They want you to be uninformed about new products. Also, they would like you to pay full price for everything you purchase through the Steinberg Shop …


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Sorry! I simply forgot about this one. Could you pm me with the email addresses you used to subscribe to the newsletter?

Hi ultradust,

If you want to immediately hear about all Steinberg offers simply join the dozens of Steinberg/Cubase groups on Facebook! :wink:

Hope this helps?

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James Colah

Ed - thanks! PM sent.

James - thanks for the note, and yes, a lot of us do partake in the social Steinberg communities. However, when email promos are going out, I’d love to be included rather than excluded.

Further - I’m hoping this will actually help Steinberg sort out why they’re not sending important communications to likely participants in their events and purchasers of their products. They’re potentially losing significant revenue from people who (a) might not be prolific on social, (b) might not check the Steinberg site very often, and © rely primarily on email for updates. Something seems to be amiss, for example, when longtime users of WaveLab such as myself aren’t notified that version 10 is now available.

At this point, I’ve literally not received a single promotional email from Steinberg in months. The only communication I’ve received was a note that the Dorico 3 trial is available.

Ed… same here… Thanks and PM sent.

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I had no idea wavelab 10 was out until i was looking through my youtube subs.

Seem to remember getting the Dorico one the other day but very little else.

Please allow me to collect some email addresses before I am going to forward this to my colleagues for troubleshooting but keep them coming!

A quick note: Ed was kind and thoughtful in following up via private message. He stated that the last four newsletters sent were:

Steinberg Spotlight: Round Table
Steinberg Spotlight: Hans Zimmer
Dorico 3 Trial Version Now available
Dorico 3 is Here: Update Today!

I confirm that I did receive these newsletters. So it appears that there is not a technical issue at work here, but rather that email notifications regarding all promos and product releases simply aren’t being generated and sent.

For example, when Spectralayers was released by Steinberg, I received no notice via email. (Had there been one, I would have bought immediately.) There were also no emails regarding the recent WaveLab sale offer, the Expansions summer sale, or the vibrant e-pianos release, or a number of other special offers and releases preceding these.

Going back to my original post, I’d like to request that the communications team let Steinberg users know about all ongoing promotions and releases via email. (“Is there some process by which ongoing promotions are reliably communicated to Steinberg users? If additional sales like this are offered, I’d prefer not to miss them; yet, I don’t really have time to visit the Steinberg site repeatedly just to check for specials.”) So if the emails are simply not being produced and sent, I’d go back to my original request and ask: Could the emails be produced and sent moving forward?

Further, a matrix of preferences would allow users to decide which type of emails they wanted and how frequently they want to receive them. This is a common feature of almost all modern email delivery platforms, so shouldn’t be a challenge.

I would add that this is the easiest income that Steinberg could generate. Many Steinberg users - busy with lots of work - don’t spend a lot of time on social media, and don’t visit every day - but they do check email every day. They will tend to buy Steinberg offers. So if you send them an email with a good offer or an interesting new release, many will simply buy right away. Why let this easy income go? I vote: Send the emails.

As additional examples: The homepage of has announced the release of Cubase 10.5 and Padshop 2, both products I would be very interested in.

I did not receive any email notification regarding either. If I don’t check the Steinberg website or social media, I’m not notified.

(I won’t continue to post this sort of granular feedback, but just wanted to provide the examples now as an addendum to my previous post.)