sale notifications via email?

Hello - a quick question:

As a longtime Steinberg software/hardware supporter who is signed up for Steinberg promotional emails, I was surprised today when I happened to visit the site and noticed the Dorico 2.2 sale. I would have hoped to have been notified of this sale via email but hadn’t heard anything about it prior to visiting.

Is there some process by which ongoing promotions are reliably communicated to Steinberg users? If additional sales like this are offered, I’d prefer not to miss them; yet, I don’t really have time to visit the Steinberg site repeatedly just to check for specials.

I just looked though my My Steinberg and my User panel here, I dont see an option on either??

However, I did get the Dorico sale offer today

Some kind of arcane system Im sure

My Steinberg -> My Newsletter -> click the red “Subscribe Now” button.

You might want to make sure to add info[@] to your firewall / spam list of exceptions.

I had that red “Subscribe Now” button clicked for many years and never once received a news letter (or any general informational email) from Steinberg until yesterday. This happened a few days after I changed the email address associated with MySteinberg account. Hopefully it is finally fixed. :wink:

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Hi Prock,

many automated e-mails are flagged as spam - gmail and hotmail can be quite problematic indeed.
Unfortunately there is not much we can fix, as they are flagged on arrival.

Hi Fabio -

Yes, I have had “My Steinberg -> My Newsletter ->” set to Subscribed for quite some time now. I simply don’t receive promotional emails for sales such as this.

I routinely check my spam/junkmail folders and nothing from Steinberg is placed there. I occasionally receive a Steinberg newsletter, but it mostly contains details on Steinberg appearances at various tech conferences and product use cases. Sales promotions are usually not emailed to me.

This is why I am asking if you could review your setup and ensure that all of us who are subscribed are, in fact, subscribed.

By the way (unrelated to my original question): There in fact is a lot you can do to ensure deliverability with gmail, outlook, etc. These items include:

  • Ensure that your reverse DNS records are valid
  • Ensure that your SPF records are valid
  • Ensure that DomainKeys (DKIM) are configured correctly and that you have responded to any providers’ exceptions
  • Set up DMARC once SPF and DKIM are configured correctly

In my experience, the most common issue is that companies use catch-all SPF entries thinking that this will enable them to send from a variety of sources; but instead, such records frequently fail validation.

This is not related to my issue, as no Steinberg emails are being flagged as spam for me; but just wanted to mention it in case you are continuing to see deliverability issues in general as you mention.

I agree…

I too check my spam/junk folders often and there is nothing from Steinberg there. I received one email right after I updated MySteinberg account with a new email. Nothing since.

Steinberg, please review your setup. :wink:

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I read a post in the CB 10 General forum that a CB user got an email from Steinberg that notified him/her of the CB to Nuendo crossgrade offer. Nada for me? :thinking:

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I received no notifications as well regarding this offer.

Without going into the details, some newsletters are targeted at certain user groups in conjunction with product registrations. So it could have been either a spam filter issue or the fact that the newsletter campaign had a different target group.

Hi Ed, thank you for speaking into this.

Understood on target groups, as I have managed such campaigns before. My question would be: If I’ve currently got 17 Steinberg products licensed, including Cubase, wouldn’t it make sense for me to be in the target group? (Especially since the offer was featured in the #1 slot on the Steinberg main page?) I’m a good candidate for using the offer, I would think. There have been many offers that I would have participated in, but I didn’t receive an email and didn’t hear about the offers until their expiration.

I suppose what I’m saying is: As a Steinberg customer, I’d like to hear about all offers. Maybe there could be a signup path for users who want to receive all those messages.

I do not believe this was a spam filter issue, as I check my junk mail folders regularly, and I do receive Steinberg emails every once in awhile (usually just standard newsletters).

Agreed 100%… exactly what I was going to respond (except I only have 5 Steinberg licensed products).

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Thanks for replying to my PM. We have checked your newsletter subscription and Dorico newsletter was sent two days before you subscribed to the newsletter on Jan 24.

In general, I received the confirmation that not all newsletters are sent to every subscriber to avoid spamming our customers. There is currently no option to say “bring 'em on” and for the time being, this is supposed to stay that way. Everyone should make sure that all products purchased are registered to get the newsletters for those products and don’t miss out on something.
If we want to attract existing customers to new products, we usually send newsletters to a larger amount of recipients anyway.

Hi Ed -

Thanks for your additional notes.

I’d like to add that I’ve been subscribed to Steinberg newsletters for much longer than January 24; I’ve been using Steinberg products for many years and have been on your list(s) during that time. When I reached out to support in January regarding this issue, they advised I log in and reset my subscription status, which I did in January. But I had been receiving mail for many years prior to that.

Thanks again for the insight you provided. It sounds like we will just plan to receive sporadic communications, even though individually we would like to receive all communications.

The current subscription date is all I can see unfortunately.
It’s always difficult to find the right balance and we already had complaints about too many newsletters being sent. And the system doesn’t really allow individual settings for each customers at this point.

Just a quick note - still not getting notifications on big items such as (a) the new Spectralayers release; (b) the expansions summer sale; © the Vibrant e-pianos; (d) the WaveLab offer; etc. These are all items that a Steinberg customer like myself would be very interested in, but if you’re not messaging customers like me, you’re losing sales.

I’ll check with my colleague what is wrong here. It may take a bit as he is on vacation at the moment.


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Thanks, Ed - I appreciate the continued followup. Did your colleague return from vacation?

At this time, I am still not receiving notifications; for example, for the current instruments sale.

Same for me.

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