Sales for early adopters of Cubase new versions

My suggestion is to have sales when the program is lauched instead of having to wait 6 months.

Currently, when Cubase releases, the first ones (the more loyal ones!) have to pay full price for a program which may have some bugs. If you’re patient, you eventually will be able to buy the new release in a sale.

Wouldn’t be better that the loyal customers have the sale? When you’re going to launch a new program (Cubase or even Dorico) you do a “pre-sales” or “early adopter” sales to favor the loyal customers. And then, the program goes full price.

This would be much more fair than the current model (having sales 6-7 months after release).

After all, there’s going to be a sale…




In the mean time …

Keep the latest and next to latest versions on your computer until you know the latest one works.

If you need to do some serious stuff with no room for error, don’t use the version you don’t trust?

Early adopter is of course valuable for provider. However it is also a lot of money they will lose. So some other mechanism is needed than have a lower price and then raise it. Get the history in place and see that you are an early adopter if you have bought the 5 last updates within a month after release and then you get every fifth update for free.

Well, other companies work this way (Spitfire Audio, Orchestral Tools, and a lot of VI companies). The thing is that the sales do exist and they usually are 6 months after the release of the new version. It’s just moving the sales to favor the loyal customers, instead of the patient ones :stuck_out_tongue: