I’ve been going over some earlier tracks for an album in progress, just finalising things. This one I had been unhappy with originally and wanted to rework it with a much more dub flavoured vibe. Hopefully it achieves that. Unmastered, but has limiting. Apologies for crappy Soundcloud quality. Any feedback welcome.

I started this album in Ableton (I wax and wane between Live & Cubase). A few songs in I knew I had to do the rest in Cubase. The workflow is just so much more intuitive and I find mixes come together better and quicker. This album has kinda rekindled my love and respect for working in the old Cubase.


I like the groove and the sound of the instruments, well done! Also like the reverbs. The bass frequencies are a little bit too hot but the mastering will take care of that :slight_smile:

Very much worth the effort.


Very nice feel.