Salvo InCognito (+Warning)

Salvo InCognito - Vanhaye
Stratocaster, Cubase 9 EL, Groove Agent 4, Digitech GSP 2101
Warning:High Level, respect for ears and loudspeakers.

Groeten, Vanhaye, I like the sounds you get out of that Stratocaster. I am also a strat player (sometimes). I would like to get as good a clean sound as you have gotten!

Thanks, I can tell you.
The delay (300-400 msec) is parallel to the reverb, not in series.
The stratocaster PU setting is middle and neck parallel.
No guitar amp, directly (via Digitech tube pre-amp) in stereo in the mix.
Try it, good luck.

Thanks, Vanhaye, so position 4, which I already figured, plus both pickups at 10 on the tone knobs, right? Very nice. And I think you have the main guitar and the delay in different positions through the song to make it interesting. Also, you don’t route the delay through a reverb anywhere? It’s quite astounding the sounds you can get out of a Stratocaster, and I really like your sounds. Hope you keep posting your new stuff.

Nice work. Whenever I hear this kind of strat sound and overall vibe, I’m reminded of the soundtrack that Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits did to the movie Local Hero in the early 80’s. Loved that film and soundtrack, so this should be seen and heard as a compliment.