Same accidental, different octave

I feel like I’m going crazy but is there a setting to show the same accidental in a different octave within a bar?

e.g. I want an Ab7 chord (in Ab major) and so there’s a G-flat required. I want the chord up high and then the same chord an octave lower. Currently, I have to manually show the accidental in the lower chord.

It sounds really strange.
According to key signature, it should just appear…
Can you share a cut-down project to see if we can reproduce the issue? (it will be tomorrow morning for me, I’m already way beyond honourable times here!)

Sorry. I can’t reproduce this behaviour.

@Janus @Michele_Galvagno1

Sorry for the hassle. I found the problem and I’m too embarrassed to explain.

Daniel, there is obviously no need to keep this thread open.

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