Same Channel settings ui freeze in 10 and 10.5, new glitches in 10.5


I’ve got this problem starting with C10, where whenever I’d open up channel settings and work in it for a moment, everything else would become unresponsive. Music is still playing and cursor moving, but untill I click on a windows bar, which unlocks the ui, and then back to cubase, I can’t do anything. It’s worth noting that if I use eq in the channel settings, even when everything else freezes, the eq in 10.5 is responcive still, but in 10 it was also freezing. This is really infuriating. It’s been going on since last summer.

Another thing is I noticed new graphical glitches in 10.5, just flashing black rectangular shapes across the us elements.

I have i7 8th gen laptop, with samsung ssd’s, original windows ( thought different then factory windows as I’ve changed ssd drives ). There is also nvidia 1050ti gpu. WIN 10 up to date.
But glitches are happening regardles if im running on gpu or apu, and regardles if I’m using hi dpi mode or not. Drivers are up to date and such.

Tried to contact customer service, but Polish customer service is not answering the phone.

I just noticed that couple of things:
Visual glitches happen when there is another application open ( in this case it wa firefox ) that is not using same gpu as cubase. So for now that seams to be fixed.
Back to freezing issue, it stops when you turn of Always on Top. Thing is, I want it to be always on TOP!


Ok, and one more problem: VST UI ALSO FREEZES. And when I say Freezes i mean it warks like it would transparant. Everything underneath in the sequencer can be selected. Same problem was happening in 10.

So to sum up:
While on playback, when working in channel settings window, randomly everything in the sequencer window becomes unresponsive. Sometimes almost instantly, and sometimes after a while. Music is still playing, the playback cursor is moving, but clicking on anything doesn’t work, as well as grabbing channel settings window by its white bar on top to move it isn’t working either. But everything inside channel settings is working ( in cubase 10 pro it would also become unresponsive, but in 10.5 pro it doesn’t ). And as mentioned in earlier post, VST’s behave the same, granted that is much more rare. Only way to “unlock” it and make Cubase responsive again is to click on windows taskbar.
I’ve tried changing ALways on Top settings but it doesn’t change anything. I also tried switching between HiDPI, but it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve turned off my laptops trackpad since I’m using external mouse, but it doesn’t fix the problem. I have latest drivers for everything. Laptop is only 2 years old. But this issue is going on for over a year now and It is extremely annoying. With cubase elements 9 i did not had that issue.