Same command for several channels

Hi, I recently updated to 8pro, and it seems the “holding shift” over several channels + command doensn’t work.

For example, I used to select 3 channels, hold shift and route (no matter in which channel of the current 3) to an active output - and it would route them ALL to the selected output.

Simply - how can I command a few channels do the same thing? (routing especially, perhaps sends aswell) And not by grouping them all into GRP channel u smartwisers :smiley:

p.s - what is the new shortcut to “solo safe” in 8pro? (old alt_click on solo command)


I you press and hold Alt and Shift you can Quick Link Channels. For example, select 3 channels then press and hold Alt and Shift and whilst still holding, if you pull a volume fader up or down, all 3 volume faders will go up or down. There’s a Quick Link button at the top of the mix console as well if you don’t want to hold Alt and Shift down. Hope this helps and sorry if it doesn’t.