Same crap every time

Everytime I wanna buy sometinhg from Steinberg Store its the same freaking crap. Bad Password last time I tried to open a ticket I go email in german I guess you know that not a lot of people speak GERMAN in freaking Quebec Canada ... . Im allready loged in mysteiberg but they say that the password for the STORE is wrong. I tried reset but I NEVER get the freaking temp password. Check spam and retry many time.

mySteinberg is not the store. It is a different account with (probably but you et it up so I don’t know), a different store.

If you’re using a web=-based email such as gmail remember to also check the the online spam folder. This where many Steinberg emails seemingly end up.

Crazy that they don’t just consolidate all accounts. I too have multiple accounts across various Steinberg systems. Madness!

Just use a different email address and create a new account at ASK.
It has nothing to do with any Steinberg account.

It works for me every time as I make sure I keep my accounts separate and know my passwords.

I agree they should consolidate accounts so that the account you use here on the forum is the same account you use in the store. Would make things a lot simpler.