Same Key Editor window showing different midi parts

Hey everybody…

A small question which I find hard to resolve myself.

I really like the way Logic works with the key editor where you don’t have to open a new window each time you click another part in your arrangement. Cubase does the opposite: every time I click another part it opens a whole new key editor window… in the end I have 20-30 key editor windows stacked and have to close them one by one.

I once asked a Cubase guru which was showing the new Cubase 6 at a workshop if something similar to Logic was possible. After some hesitation he said it was possible but only on the Mac OSX version (for some reason not possible on Windows platform). He didn’t precisely tell me how to do this, so… anyone know this?

Just to sum up: I have two screens connected to my Mac and want to have the arranger window on the left monitor and the key editor on the right monitor. Now I want a way to setup my key editor so when I mark or double click a midi part in my arranger this will show up in the already open key editor window instead of opening a whole new window. Something similar to the “_self” tag in html :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

try Preferences>Editing>“Link Editors”.

YEAH!!! That’s exactly it…

Thank you :slight_smile: