Same laptop, two partitions

As the titIe says, I move with a safe W7 installation for my studio and performer tasks, plus for daily duties there is a second partition with a W8.1 install.

The thing is, many times I am on my daily duties and want to work a sound idea with Spectralayers so I need to open it without doing a laptop reboot, which will require me to close everything I have open there.
Thus my question, is there a way for the software eLicenser to see the same Hardrive number, but showing two different partitions, so it can easily activate the same software despite any of both partitions is functioning?
This hardware configuration has no physically possible way to use both partitions simultaneously, so there is no license limitation reason for Steinberg to disallow this usage.

//And no, I don’t want to carry and risk my professional work on the functioning of a separate USB dongle that needs to be with me everywhere!! including outdoor festivals, aduana’s Xrays scanners, and whatnot…

Your a professional and you’re still using Windows 7? Did you know support ended at 01.04.2020?
And on the other partition you have Windows 8.1…

The only way elicencer and applications will work if they are installed on the OS that is loaded. It won’t load from another OS!

Thank you Nickeldome for caring to answer in this topic.
If you really want to know the answer to why my mainly offline versatile performance-sound design-mixer partition is in W7, while the other sits at W8.1… you could search a little at fora and articles, possibly away of the last couple of years, where W10 seems to have changed course for the better (not entirely sure).

My question above refers to the possibility of having a single traveller’s worktool where to safely do both separate tasks, while not needing to carry a dongle and just rely on eLicenser software installed at both partitions on the same single disc thus requiring just one authorization…

With most other DAWs and software we get two simultaneous activations with a single license and this solves it. However, at all cases? Steinberg only provides one, therefore every time you go into “the other system” an ilok dongle is needed there. Regularly it’s fine at home or in the studio, however seems like a no no, on the move.

So when I noticed that the software eLicenser recognizes and names the specific hardrive on a column and then adds an activation to another column. It appears as only one step from authorizing the license for a single HardDisc and whatever partitions has inside… Hence this thread in case I am missing some viable workaround a workable solution, or perhaps could open a conversation about this usage. Maybe this is already talked to no end, or it is too niche, anyway I’d thought to post :wink:

partition works on windows 10. to do so follow these steps-
1.Log on to your Windows 10 PC with an administrator account. File Explorer on the Manage option
4.Computer Management snap-in, from the left pane, click to select Disk Management from under the Storage category.
5.right-click the unallocated area of the hard disk drive Create Simple Volume.
7.On the welcome page of the New Simple Volume Wizard box, click Next
8.assign space to this new partition
9.Next to continue. again next
10. choose if you want to change some settings if you don’t know about just click next click finish