Same Loudness für 20 tracks in a directory


is it possible to make with wavelab elements 8 oder 9 my 20 tracks in a directory an equal loudness?

I have wavelab elements 8 at the moment.

You can do that in WaveLab Pro.

In WaveLab Elements, you can set the same loudness to all clips of an audio montage, which is not exactly what you are looking for.

Ok. One more Queston:
I have in my directory different average loudness - according to the maximal peak of each file.
In wavelab montage, i know, that wavelab analyses first all audio files, how loud the files be an what peak they have. Then it calculates it so, that all files have the same average loudness what is possible, that no File does not exceed the 0dB level.

Is that prozess also possible in Batch Mode?

My usage: I habe 20 Soundtracks for my live Show. I like to have all the same loudness and wavelab shoud calculate ist so, that no override is createt - but maximum average loudness level.

Is that prozess also possible in Batch Mode?

In WaveLab Pro, yes. Thanks to the plugin called “Loudness Meta Normalizer”