Same lyrics for entire ensemble staff?

Is it possible to have the same lyrics input for the entire ensemble (for example in the SATB templates), so that the score shows them once, and more importantly, each of the different parts automatically gets the same lyrics?

Copy-pasting isn’t great, mostly because in case there’s a change in the lyrics, it has to be made multiple times across all the parts.


There’s no way to dynamically link lyrics, no.

I also hope (and I would presume based on what has just happened with note input in v. 3.0) that we will also get multiple entry of lyrics at once. For example, whenever one has a homophonic passage, it would be nice to extend the caret just like how you can input multiple notes at the same time.

(Has this been discussed and I just missed it? I’d guess so.)
multiple lyrics.gif

And more to the point of the OP–
I’d love it if there was an option in the promised manual condensing changes (better still as global option) that if the text is the same, we’ll have the option to display only a single line of text just like a chorale when condensing. I’m sure the team has thought of this.

I don’t think there’s ever a case where you would want multiple lines of lyrics to appear on a condensed staff if the lyrics are the same for all voices assigned to that staff, so I don’t think that’s something we will need an option for.

Agreed. I just figured it would be good to have the option to override the default if Dorico ever thinks it necessary to show both lines of lyrics because one rhythm is off. I can see an option to “only display soprano lyrics” or alto lyrics or what have you. Currently I end up with this which, I’m confident based on your preceding comment, is something that will be addressed: