Same melody - different chord symbols. Possible ?

I have a score where the same melody is played 4 times but the chords are different each time.
Is there any way to notate this without duplicating the melody 4 times ?

Even if Dorico could do that, I’m not sure what it would look like. What did you have in mind?

Dorico can’t vary chord symbols by staff. Why not just duplicate the melody and enter the desired chords normally?

4 lines - the way it’s looks like with lyrics.

Because it’s easier on stage with one sheet of paper instead of four :slight_smile:

I know there was some talk about being able to do alternate chord changes (common in jazz notation as many know, in which the 2nd time through the form you play some chord substitutions typically shown in brackets below the original chords in lieu of what might have been used for the melody the first time, etc.), but perhaps someone could update me on whether this has been implemented yet? (I already did the fabled “Google search” :slight_smile:)…If not, once they DO implement it, perhaps there will be a way to enter chord symbols in rows above each other (similar to how lyrics are currently automatically handled in Dorico), which would certainly allow for what you seem to be going for here…

  • D.D.

Not yet.