Same note different voices


I would like to place noteheads next to each other when 2 voices in the same bar have the same note. It should look like this:

In dorico it looks like this:

I tried “Partie-Optionen” (german version) and there is a function but this function doesn’t work.

I would appreciate your help.


I think you are looking for the following options in Notation Options.

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… and if you want to keep those Options for most notes, then you can manually set the lower notes to use a different Voice Column Index, in Engrave mode Properties.

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Thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunatelly I allready tried what you told me. Somehow there is a problem or I overlooked something. I also changed the voice index for each voice (voice 1 and voice 2 → see screenshot)

That’s why you should follow Benwiggy’s advice! Engrave mode, select the lower voice note, and check the properties « voice column index », put it to 1.

Now I got it. Thanks a lot!!! The big mistake was that I thought it’s enough to change the lower notes to be a new voice.


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