Same notes to different tracks


I’m uncertain whether this is a Cubase 6 item or not BUT I have a MIDI track recorded of a solo instrument, say the piano. I want to copy and transfer the MIDI notes to another track, say for a choir so they can play back the same notes together. After loading the blank choir track, what is the next sequence of moves to achieve the choir playing back with the piano in unison.I imagine there’s some copying and pasting somewhere.?


Yes, in the manual…

Hi leftarmover11 -

Click on the track name, select ‘Duplicate track’.
New track appears below original. Assign this to your choir instrument.

Thanks for your replies. Despite the C6 manual being 706 pages long, I guess there’s something in there if I can use the index intelligently. As for the ‘duplicate track’ route, I’ll be putting that into practise next week when in front of C6 again. Thanks again.

If you hold Cntrl + Alt + Shift then drag the data to the new track, you will make a ghost (shared) copy and it will be in correct time alignment.


and Alt-Shift-drag (without ctrl) will make a copy that sits in the correct time allignment without being a ghost copy :wink:.
Ghost copies mean that if you make a change to one, all ghost copies follow suit.

Once again, thanks for your further help. I have plenty of homework.