Same Old Dawn

Here’s a new composition. Features two holiday gifts: new electric guitar, and a new cereal bowl. See if you can guess the guitar. If you are a recording engineer, see if you can identify the breakfast cereal! I played the guitars and bass, the rest is midi. Would appreciate your comments and advice.

First one on the list here:


strat and cocopuffs, great combo :sunglasses:

woah, lotsa volume in that file, very clear and precise mix. great tune man, you have got cool style, its like steely dan meets godley and creme. track starts off rather midi sounding but gets better and better as it goes on.
cool stuff

Sounds great Early! I really like it! No complaints about the mix or the composition.

Oh yes, that’s really good. You’ve got some lovely trademark progressions going on there and I really like the way you play electric piano stuff with the guitar - great arranging.

So, what’s the guitar? Didn’t sound like single coils to me, but then creamy distortion can thicken them up. P90s? Is it semi hollow? You’ve got a 335 - but did you splash out on a 359 or something dinky like that? Tell us!


Ha ha! Not a strat, and not cocopuffs! Good try though. Do you think the file is too hot? It’s not as hot as the references I was using while mixing… Have to look up Godley and Creme, but I do know Steely Dan. I know what you mean about it sounding midi at first… I think it’s the percussion… will have to work on how to make that sound more real. Maybe I’ll put the cereal bowl there! Thanks for listening!

Thanks J.L.! Appreciate you listening.

Thanks, Steve. Appreciate the comments. You’re on the right track, definitely humbuckers going on there… had to look up the 359, I’ve never tried one of those. Looks like a beauty, but it’s really expensive. When I bought my 335 six or seven years ago, they weren’t going for as much as they are now! Got the new guitar over the holidays, but I didn’t unload any of the others, so still have the SG, the Strat, and the ES335, and I’m thinking the old SG is redundant. And it may be worth more than my car (too bad they don’t go up in value with age). I’ll put a picture up of the new one tomorrow… see if anybody else wants to hazard a guess!

nice job playing and well mixed.

The beginning is somewhat deceiving. It really starts to loosen up after it gets going. I like the way you play around the rhythms. Nice balanced mix. Everything seems to translate clearly. I like the somewhat raunchy bass tone. Good tune!

Oh, yeah … I’m going with Jackson Rhoads V and Fruit Loops :astonished: .


Thanks for listening, ferencz!

Thanks for the comments, Scab. When you say the beginning is deceiving, you mean it seems it’s going to go in another direction? Maybe you’re echoing what Bob said about it seeming somewhat midi-ish at the start? I agree with that; I’m working on it…
Nope, not a Jackson Rhoads or Fruit Loops! Let’s see if I can figure out how to attach a photo of it.
OK, I can’t figure out how to get it right in the post, but I can attach it. It’s a Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe vintage sunburst.

Echoing what Bob said Echoing what Bob said Echoing what Bob said … :wink:

Hey, nice looking guitar - hope it’s nice to play. Is that binding on the top edge? I personally think you just can’t beat the look of a Les Paul.



Sounds very good to me. Ok, the intro is kind of early cheesy midi sounding but the rest of it is great and the playing is superb.

I didn’t think the file is over loud by todays standards. I was listening to Field Music last night just before this and it’s comparable to that in volume to my ears.


yup, great stuff. shows ya how much I know about guitars, I couldn’t be more wrong, lol. but I’m not a guitar guy, barely a keyboard player, I play the rest of the instruments cause I need to.
guitar guy or not, I’d love to have that piece of furniture in my room, beautiful.

Ha! Laughing my a off! Will work on the beginning. Have a few new ideas.

It’s great to play, that’s one of the reasons I had to have it! Compared to the SG, the neck is just solid and feels great in my hand. Probably the SG will have to go! It’s not binding on the top edge; it’s the side of the maple top next to the mahogany body. But it looks a little bit like binding. The guitar is actually a bare bones LP without any binding and also no pickguard. It has coil taps so you can get a single coil sound. Doesn’t sound like a Fender, but it has a wide range of sounds.

Thanks, Dave, for giving it a listen. I appreciate the kind words. I am getting the message on the intro, and I think I’ll change that up.

+1 :sunglasses:

Nicely executed and produced!

Thanks, Ian. Appreciate the feedback!

I’ve re-worked the beginning. Little more jazz, little less exotic dancer. I have also tweaked endlessly. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t stop adjusting these mixes! Main differences would be: punchier drums, eq-ing, re-balancing instruments. Let’s see if this version is improved to all of your ears.

Same place, first song in list:

:laughing: the love/hate thing about producing. sometimes I like it but overall it wastes alot of time and I’d rather just make the music and have a producer monkey on call.
great skill and love the hook in this track. the punchier bass in the opening sounds cool. imo this mix seems to be where I’d stop. sometimes we fiddle too much and go right past where its supposed to be.