Same old story. Buy from Steinberg, can't install ± AGAIN

This was from last year, could have been year before last. Saving time by copying and pasting.

The Download Assistant installed correctly. The license is on my eLicenser. The Download Assistant crashes while starting.

Reboot — doesn’t help
Quit all applications — doesn’t help
Doing both — doesn’t help
Running the shell script — doesn’t help (I have no other Steinberg products so no surprises there)
Read all documentation — what documentation? The manual doesn’t cover installation
Online installation tutorial — is there one? If not, why? If there is, how does one find it?
Download latest Download Assistant (again and again and again) — doesn’t help

Don’t worry. I know the drill and will put in a support request AGAIN and will get a direct download link and it will work. Then I’ll probably be asked to submit logs—which I will do—to find out it’s a Java bug again and I’ll reply that I’m running the latest version AGAIN.

This is getting old, boys and girls. Other companies get this right.

No problems here. Everything installed and worked normal after the first attempt.

This is only written for you.

You shall never use (the buggy-for-years) Steinberg Downloader to download. Use this instead:

Supposing that you are using macOS, or using Windows with Linux Sub System installed.
Install aria2 through homebrew (macOS) or apt (Windows with Ubuntu SubSystem) or dnf (Windows with Fedora SubSystem).
You get the download link above, and you run:

aria2c -x 16 -s 16 YOUR_DOWNLOAD_LINK_HERE

For example, Dorico 3.5.0 macOS:

aria2c -x 16 -s 16

Do not close your terminal window during download.
Enjoy maximum download speed.

I leave the following message to Daniel and the dev team of Steinberg Download Manager (SDM):

Please do not use Java. This technology, not like JavaScript, is almost totally dead.

Even though I blame Qt pretty often, I feel that Qt is enough for creating a software like SDM.
Qt may not fully utlize your system video power on macOS, but at least it can be stabler than Java apps.
Or, you can use C#. C# apps can be compiled for macOS by using mono.

Sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with Steinberg Download Assistant, PF Slow. You can find direct download links for everything you need for Dorico 3.5 here.

Hi, Daniel.

May I confirm whether SDL is currently using aira2c in the same way as what I described above?
I am thinking of possibilities of crafting a command-line SDM alternative on GitHub.
(It requires using Terminal on macOS; If on Windows, one may have to use WSL to have access to either bash or zsh.)

P.S.: Such kind of command-line app can be used to manually or periodically check whether softwares (on macOS) has newer version accessible from Steinberg.

No, Shiki, I’m afraid I don’t think our digital team will want to share with you implementation details of Steinberg Download Assistant.

Then please simply let them not to use Java anymore.
Unless considering compatibilities with Linux, Java is definitely the worst choice of writing desktop apps in this era (since it gets acquired by Oracle).
(Linux still has lots of Qt-based applications.)

Thanks, Daniel,

Logging into my Support account, it wasn’t apparent where to find that but I see it now. Hopefully, I’ll find that next time if I need to.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem of libraries that I purchased at the same time. Those still require Download Assistant—but I’ll create a support ticket for that.

Unlike most of my colleagues, I am busier than ever with remote, online music making. Business is great with positive cash flow but everything takes so much more time that I’ve not had a day off in weeks.

I just got my USB eLicenser in the mail today so that I can run this on both my main Macs. Looking forward to a little downtime later this week and will contact support as I need to.

Stay safe!

I agree that downloader is a waste of our energy. Ditch it! I want to spend my time scoring music, not debugging Steinberg’s software.

I have two Macs I use (permitted under license) and one of them downloaded and installed, but the other one the downloader crashed out without any error indication. I was able to get syslog entries indicating it crashed, but that doesn’t do me any good.

This has happened to me before and luckily this forum thread reminded me I can download directly, otherwise I would have spent hours trying to get upgraded on my primary MacBook.

Dorico is a really great product (for what I do) and I really like it, but upgrades need to be flawless.

Is there a process for the selection or verification or whatever they call it of Saints in this business? I nominate Daniel 'cause… Geeze guys. Beat him up, since he hasn’t been working to help each and every person with a question or issue on the forum this Holiday weekend. (Holiday in the states anyway.)

I like the Downloader a lot. It works very well for me, and I’ve used it for 4 Dorico upgrades or installs between my old Mac and new PC (sad story that), and for more Steinberg pieces than just Dorico proper. It helps a great deal when I can’t really stop for an install, and when you want a library or two for Halion which are pretty big downloads…

Not that anyone asked me, but I’ve been involved in more software/production rollouts than I care to reflect on. Looking at both the product and the forum, this one looks really clean to me. If it were my team I’d be sending “Above and Beyond” letters up the chain to my CTO. All the Steinberg employees represented here clearly care very much.

Do I just download the application installer if coming from 3.10? (ie. the sounds bundle is just the same and not needed).

No, there’s no need to download the sounds if you’re just updating from 3.1.

Well good for you. It has worked for me in the past but this is the third time it hasn’t for me in over two years. Both other times, the problem was the latest Java RTE from Oracle, not my system or crapware or (fill in the blank).

Fanboy posts that assume because they aren’t having a problem should mean that no one does are really annoying.

I think you might be projecting a bit there, PF Slow! All gdball said was that the downloader worked for him. I’m not sure how you could glean any suggestion that he was suggesting the problem is between your keyboard and your chair. Let’s all try to get along, if we can.