Same problem with Motif editor VST and Audio codecs problems

I do not understand what the problem with this Cubase Pro. I installed the latest update 8.0.10 in order to remedy a problem that we have presented your forum, namely the VST editor on Motif, as these do not play while writing midi. Now with this new VST editor is that no longer appears in the control panel (VST instruments) F11. I went to Device ___ plug-in manager__vst-instruments and it appears to me as is dazactivat. I uninstall and I reinstalled motif vst editor and I did the same operation with Cubase 8. Unfortunately for me, none of these operations not found And so I had to reinstall Cubase 7.5.
What I will point out that Cubase 8. When I wanted to do a real-time audio mixdown it had no sound, so no mixdown and therefore did not have the sound. I think you have a serious problem on sound codecs.