Same project from laptop causes crash on PC

Hi All,

So I’ve successfully upgraded both my PC (Win 7) & laptop (Mac 10.9.5) to Cubase 8.05 and started a couple of projects on my laptop at home. I have then tried to continue work on my PC at my studio with the same projects exported from my laptop. This is my normal work flow. This has always worked for me before but now the projects are causing the version of Cubase 8 on the PC to crash. They start to load ok but seem to freeze around about when it loads the Mixer channels. (Or that’s what it seems to be looking at the screen).

Anyone else tried this cross loading between PC & Mac yet? Is it just me or are there others that have problems?



PS I should add that older projects are still working on both. So it may be the type of exported file from the laptop that isn’t working on the PC…

Are you running both versions at 64bit?

My guess is it will be plugin related…Assuming you’re using 3rd party plugs try hiding the vst2 plugin folder on the Windows machine and see if it loads ok.

Thanks. Not sure that it will be plug in related as I haven’t used any in the project on the laptop and it’s always worked before.

However the 64 bit question is a good idea. I’ll check if it has loaded as 32 on the PC. Would that make a difference?


64 or 32bit might make a difference with bridging but if you’re definitely not using any plugins or instruments then no it should make no odds.

I assume you copied on to an external drive? Can you check the copy still opens on the Mac to rule out file corruption.

OK. Thanks. Yes I copied to external medium, cd, and yes it still opened on the MAC once I copied the files back.

Perhaps I should reiterate that I have stated that I am not using 3rd party plug ins but the project contains use of both Halion SE & Groove Agent SE. However both computers have a new complete installation of Cubase 8.05 with no changes to the install by which I mean no different preference settings or anything such as defining macros etc.