Same staff spacing

Dear Forum,

this does not work:

Anyways, how to bring all staffs into same spacing with a value I set?
How can dorico avoid showing red spacing areas?

Sometimes software offers modifier keys to control click-dragged parameters on several targets…


You’ve got several options:

  1. Increase the Ideal Gap between systems for this layout in Library > Layout Options > Vertical Spacing until you’re happy with the result (you may also need to increase the threshold for vertical justification, so that the right page doesn’t expand to fill the full height of the page until it’s much fuller)

  2. Reduce the size of the music frame on the right page – either directly on the page as an override, or design a page template (e.g. duplicate the Default one and edit the duplicate) with a shorter music frame. That lets the systems justify within the frame, but the frame doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the page.

  3. Double-click the gap numbers in the left margin, enter the gap size you want, then press Return. Bear in mind that staff spacing overrides are generally locked to the page, so if you later come back and insert a title page, say, those overrides might get removed.

I also feel like you benefit from having 7 staves per page