Same zoom between parts?

Fellow Doricians!
Is there an option to maintain the same zoom and page placement in the window while switching between part layouts?
While I work on finishing my engraving in engrave mode I always do it part by part, and having the same exact view while switching parts would be very beneficial for me — to quickly inspect each whole page, or inspect only the second pages, or some passages that are at the end of the part.
Right now Dorico remembers the state I left the page in, which seems great, but for this use case it would be actually beneficial not to be forced to do adjustements with each part, with each switch.

I have to admit, I have not found it, but it seems that the preference could be somewhere there! Please help.


There is not. I have requested this before, and continue to wish for it daily.

I suggest assigning Alt-X to Page Height and Alt-Z to Page Width. Quick way to get a fairly uniform zoom, especially Page Height.