Sample accurate bouncing?

After hearing someone talking about sample accurate bouncing (in the new Protools 11) I thought I try this in Cubase. So I bounced the same file twice, flipped the polarity on one and should hear nothing, right?

Well, I hear quite a lot actually.

Does anyone know why this is? Is the way C bounces not sample accurate? Does this mean C bounces projects differently everytime you export them?

Can anyone repeat the experiment to see if he/she experiences the same problem?

Kind regards, Charles.

Try this with a bounce that uses…

  • no modulation plugins
  • no non-linear stuff (like Slate VCC, later UAD compressors or other plugins that model nonlinearities, virtual tape machines etc.)

You should get absolut ‘zero’.

Hi Marqs,

There were no modulation plugs, but I had some synths going on. I muted those, tried again with just vocals and drums and you´re right: zero.

Thanks for your reply,


Good to hear :sunglasses:

Be aware that automation is only part time sample accurate, it’s depending on your buffer settings: