Sample accurate sync in stems

I am using the only method I can find to pitch and catch tracks between 2 computers using different sample rates for the purpose of mastering in Wavelab.

It can be time consuming to align stems to be sample accurate though. The method of detecting audio to start recording cannot be used because not all tracks have audio at the beginning. So it requires a manual recording “start”.

I have experimented with adding an audio clip for reference to every track at the beginning to allow a common reference point. As long as I use Nuendo on the first pitch to Wavelab I will be able to align the stems when Wavelab pitches them back to Nuendo.

There certainly must be an easier way to do this. I originally was trying to pitch multiple stems during the initial pitch but apparently Wavelab does not not have a method to do this. So for now I am doing this extra audio clip on all tracks.

There are no problems with just a stereo track. This alignment problem happens because of the manual start required with more than one track and the loss of sync between tracks as a result.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.