Sample Browsing and Storage for Best Cubase Workflow


Windows 11, Cubase Pro 11, Groove Agent 5.

Recently, I’ve purchased drum audio samples from a company that is not Steinberg. The samples arrive in a folder, with subfolders containing WAV files, Ableton files and possibly Logic files (I don’t use Logic, but I saw that word).

Reading on the web, I quickly learned that I can drag a WAV sample onto a pad in Groove Agent, and the pad will play that sound, and my MIDI track can play that pad. So I’m functional. But workflow- and organization-wise, that’s not enough.

For instance, if I move the samples folder, Cubase can no longer find it. If I re-organize the samples WITHIN that folder, Cubase can’t find it.

Also, I haven’t yet found a way to browse these sample files within either Cubase or Groove Agent, rather than within the Windows File Explorer, which is clunky. I think it would make better sense to move all of the snares from different packages to one big SNARES folder (while still keeping the sets separated, because they’re multi-velocity).

So what I’m looking for is two things:

  1. A way to import a sample into Cubase in a way that saves a copy of the sample within the project folder.

  2. A way to browse samples within either Cubase or Groove Agent – like the media browser does it for VST instruments.

  3. Any suggestions about how to organize purchased samples would be helpful.

The company I purchased the samples from is Drum Drops.

Thanks in advance.


Import the Audio file to the Project, please. Cubase will ask you, if you want to copy the file to the Project/working folder. Do so.

Scan the folder with the samples via MediaBay, please.

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Hi, Martin!

I like the sound of both of your answers (thank you!). But can you describe the specific steps for each, please?


  1. Drag and drop the source Audio file (WAV) to the project (to the Audio Track). Cubase will ask you, if you want to copy the file to the Project folder. Do so. So you can have kind of Audio samples track, where would you put all your samples. It’s better to have the samples in the track (not just in the Pool). If you would Back up Project, all samples, which are not in use in the project, wouldn’t backup.

  2. Find the folder with your samples in the MediaBay. Enable the checkmark on the left side of the folder. The folder would become scanned and then you can browse the files by using MediaBay. You can use all the Search options, including logic search.

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Not only did you answer my questions, but your solutions make everything easier and make my 3rd question moot.

Thanks for showing me these two tricks. Fantastic info, well-explained.

Happy New Year!

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