Sample Choping

I really want to chop up some samples and use it on my keyboard. Like putting the samples at the keys.
Like, pushing one key, and a bit of the sample plays.
The question is, how do I do it???

With the scissors tool…

Could you tell me HOW I connect them to the keyboard??


With a sampler…
Use the search and read through the forum, someone asked just the same just a few days ago IIRC…

Easy…chop the sample using scissors then drag the parts onto the “GrooveOne Agent.” Boom…done.

I don’t have it, I use Cubase 5 Essential

then you’ll need to chop the samples using something like ReCycle and export the slices as wavs then import them into a software sampler like Battery or Kontakt, etc.

You can chop the sample in the sample editor and create regions, and then go into the pool and export (bounce) each region to a folder on your computer as individual wavs. Either way you have to import them into a sampler somewhere.

You can do this by converting your slices from events to region>
Then in the library bounce the selected regions.