Sample conversion in pool.

Oh Lordy. Got 3 separate omf “reels.” Imported into Nuendo fine. Dropped the movie and the audio didn’t line up. Reference audio in video file was at a different pitch than the OMF audio. Looked in the pool and found the files are a mixture of 44.1 and 48k and are all “elastique pro” algorithm.

So…what is best? Convert the 44.1 files in the pool to 48k? Files seem to be maybe 90% 44.1 files. Convert the 48k files to 44.1. Work in 44.1 then export in 48k for DVD? What a mess. Oh and the premiere is Saturday! Woo hoo! Thanks Obama.

I would try importing the OMF in a new/separate 44k session.
Then switch the SR to 48k.
The application will ask you if all the files need to be converted and if they should stay at their timecode position.
Once that project is in 48k, export/import through “Selected Tracks”/Track archive" into your final project.


Thanks for the reply Fredo. So the response is YES convert the tracks and KEEP AT TIMECODE POSITION. Wish me luck!