"Sample delay" plugin similar to that in Logic

Hi Guys,

As a ex (reformed?) Logic user, I quite liked the simple plug-in that Logic had which allowed you to offset one side of a stereo audio track by a specific number of samples. I think it was called “Sample delay”.

Is there a plug-in within Cubase 7 that will do the same thing? I haven’t been able to find one, but may just be missing something incredibly obvious…!

Cheers and thanks,

I don’t know whether they can do it for L and R seperately, but these plugins are free and can give you a sample delay:

Flux Stereo Tool
Voxengo Sample Delay
Melda MUtility

Afraid not. However, there is a free plug-in from Voxengo which does the same thing. It’s slightly more complicated, but there is a preset which sets up a l/r offset just like the Logic sample delay.


I would recommend Voxengo´s Sample Delay too:

But maybe you can try the onboard plugin “Mixer Delay” in Cubase?

Many thanks - that looks like what I’m after!