Sample Editing Intricate Piano Piece

  1. I am attempting to sample a short section of an intricate piano piece. The part I am sampling is in 4/4, but obviously the pianist does not play the sample at a consistent speed. After some experimentation, I have manipulated the recording quite well so that it does now play smoothly and convincingly at a set bpm, but there are light clicks where some of the samples meet.

Does anyone know of a function in Cubase that effectively addresses this issue?

  1. If one uses AudioWarp to extend a sustained single piano note, it stretches the waveform. Once a sound like this is stretched to a certain extent, it begins to sound “wavy”.

Is there such a tool in Cubase that would allow one to extend waveform, while maintaining its original consistency?

Many thanks.

1.Click the top side of the clicky waveform and adjust the fade in/out
Focus on the waveform, zoom in and find a nullpoint ( where the zoomed in waves line is on the 0 line in the middle) - also called zero crossing:p

  1. test various the audio strech algos, use padshop pro or try some third party audio strech tools…

Crossfade or edit at zero crossings.