Sample editing problems

Hello, just got the Cubasis app on my Ipad Air. First thing I did was to sample a few sound from Korg iMS20 using Audiobus. Worked like a charm. Then I wanted to trim the samples and hit problems. I marked a piece in the sample editor and hit trim. Nothing happends. The trim button does not repsond at all. tried the same with Reverse, Normalise and other buttons and it worked. It is just trim that is dead for me. Can not see how I can do it wrong. Help…

No, it is not dead. My misstake. It seemed dead because it will not mark when zoomed in to show milliseconds. Is there some way to make it possible to make really tight small sections? I turned of the snap, but I still find it to be too coarse?

Hey - sadly it is not as granular as many here would like. When you turn the snap off, you can move the trim head at its most ‘fine’, but it still in few ms increments.

It has been mentioned on here a few times, and currently means that I can’t trim audio in Cubasis effectively with the accuracy in need… which is pretty weak. I hope they will enhance this feature soon. :slight_smile: