Sample Editor: copying wave inacurate?

Hi all!

Here’s a problem I encountered with the Sample Editor in C7

-create empty project
-import a wave file
-double click on the audio event to open the wave editor, zoom in

-select a range; say one period of a sound, press Cntrl+C to copy the selected range
-select a site with silence to insert the copied fragment, and press Cntrl+V

Result: a wave is inserted but the copy looks different from the original;
not only the range is different, also the shape is altered at the beginning and end (see screenshot)

problem: I cannot use the wave editor for restauration of audio

am I overlooking some setting?



Ok, I think I found what was causing this:

I just found out that I had “Interpolate Audio Waveforms” ticked in Prefs!

Seems that with this option enabled, the Sample editor becomes quite inaccurate at higher magnifications

So, perhaps this is the real issue:
With “Interpolate Audio Waveforms” on, there seems to be quite an offset; you won’t see what you get;
so when you think you selected a wave between two zero crossings for example, you’re actually selecting something more to the right!

The interpollation view also renders some weird shapes (see red arrows in screenshot above) in case of sharp changes in voltage (e.g. square wave) - but that is just normal behavior of the interpollation algorithm I guess…

Conclusion: do not use “Interpolate Audio Waveforms” when you want to edit the waveform in great detail,
so perhaps simply ignore the option for the time being…