Sample Editor cursor jumps back to the beginning

Hi everyone,

I’m having a strange anomaly with the Sample Editor’s Audition cursor.

Within the same project I have two almost-identical audio tracks. When editing one of them in Sample Editor, pressing the Audition button starts playback, and then pressing it again stops playback, leaving the cursor at the current position - fine. With the other track, stopping playback makes the cursor jump back to the beginning of the track !

Within the Sample Editor, settings for both of the tracks seem to be identical. Indeed the tracks are very similar in all respects. I’m carrying out the same editing processes on both tracks, mostly timing alignment.

I’m absolutely stumped as to why the Audition cursor should behave differently on these two tracks. Has anyone any ideas ? You’d make an old man very happy !

Thanks in anticipation,


I can only reproduce this effect (cursor stopping) if I have a region marked in the editor otherwise it jumps back as you say.