Sample Editor Cursor Position Playback Problems

I am having a strange issue with the Sample Editor Window where the cursor does not play the region that is highlighted in the window, but some random start point to the right of the selected region. Wherever I highlight, the cursor begins to play from a position a minute or so the right. It is making my work impossible!

Also when I put my cursor in the main project window on a particular audio file, and then double click, the cursor position in the Sample Editor does not correspond. This happens across many projects, not just a single project.

In addition, moving my cursor in the Sample Editor changes the position of the cursor in the main project window— which I do not want it to do. I don’t see a way to disable this… Also its inconsistent…

Any help please!?

Thank you!

Nuendo 8.2.10
Mac 10.13.5

Quitting and relaunching corrects this… Sort of… Briefly.

I don’t have Nuendo 8 to test but I can confirm that this is a bug in N 7.1.35 also. Hitting play in sample editor like 3 of 10 times starts from wrong file position. Making a selection gets the start right.