Sample Editor -> Definition Tab -> Auto Adjust not working

When I make a selection in the Sample Editor with the Range Selection Tool and then hit Auto Adjust on the Definition Tab nothing happens. The same in Cubase 7.5 64bit. Works in Cubase 5 32bit though.

Anyone else experiencing this?


No one?

EDIT: Problem solved - you have to create Hitpoints first (have disabled automatic hitpoint detection in preferences).

Well, I have the same issue with 10 and also 10.5. Hard to find help and your post was from 2016! Seems auto adjust does not do what the manual says it does.

As I wrote in 2016 - you have to create Hitpoints first. Did you try that?

Hmm. No. I will try that in the morning. Manual says nothing about that prerequisite. :thinking:

Worked. Thanks. Manual needs work.